A Very Late Goodbye | Victorious Tribute


+ Victorious was the first Nickelodeon show I ever became a fan of, I’m 19 years old and i never found any of these shows interesting. Most of the obssession I had with Victorious was because of the cast so I really wanted to make this video for them because their bond is really special and I’ve never seen this happening with any other casts before.

I seriously hope you like this video ♥

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Anonymous asked: OMFG :O YOU LOVE LAUREN PERFECT JAUREGUI ?!?! I LOVE HER 2!!! oh my feels *_*


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Guys please help me

Someone has the video of the Victorious cast, it’s a really old video, I think it’s from the day they were shooting the season 1 opening and everyone was intervriewed and they were talking about how well they get along I think Matt even says something like “We get along famously” pleeease tell me if you have it on your computer or knows a link to it i’m like desperate after this video

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Kim Hyoyeon | Swagger Jagger

I tried to showcase the amazing human being that Kim Hyoyeon is, she’s my all time favorite in SNSD and K Pop in general. I hope you like it!

Watch in HD please! 

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Victorious winning at the KCA’s

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Victorious | Blooper special

Alohaaaa! I started this a long time ago but I really had hope that another blooper episode would air at the end of the final season but it didn’t u.u  I’m tired of waiting something that will never happen so I finished this video with my favorite moments of the only Victorious blooper episode

Enjoy ♥

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I just saw this Ariana + Victoria drama and I actually believe ariana. I know that A LOT of Victoria’s fans follow me and most of them are actually Ariana haters. I was one of the first people blaming on Sam&Cat for the ending of Victorious but I started realizing that Victoria wasnt so sad about it whe was like ”Oh well it ended sad but whatever” But yes I believe ariana but I think it’s not time for hating on enyone right now omg whatever the reason is Victorious ended and blaming Victoria or Ariana is not going to bring it back… And for all the people hating on Ariana yes it was rude what she did but we deserved the real reason

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as we didnt got any bade on the last episode i’m gonna leave this here

Beck & Jade (Bade) | Easy is boring 

I started this video when Tori Fixes Beck & Jade aired and never finished but I forced myself to finish it this morning cause the last episode is airing tonight. It’s always hard for me to vid Bade cause they have so many moments that takes me some work to do it but I really liked this one hope you like it too ♥

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At least we got Cabbie half naked together lol but nooooooo baaaaaaaade :(

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